Answer the questionnaire and get two postcards!

Biei Moments

Gift Campaign

Let's answer the questionnaire and get two postcards of beautiful Biei.

*This is an online survey for visitors to improve the tourism services and development in Biei.


Please cooperate with Questionnaire and every participants can receive 2 photo postcards.

How to apply

Where to Get the Postcards

Biei Tourist Information Center "Shiki-no-Johokan"

1-2-14 Motomachi, Biei-cho



Business hours


Biei Roadside Station "Shirogane Biruke"

Shirogane, Biei-cho



Business hours


List of QR cord setting places

QR codes are set more than 30 sight seeing spots, every accomodation and restaurants.

List of QR code locations

Campaign Terms and Guidance

■ Campaign Name
・”Biei Moments” Gift Campaign

■ Our Aims
This is a free gift promotion with scanning QR cords placed at tourist spots and complete the questionnaires.

■ The promoter
・Biei Vitalization Association

■ The prize
Postcards drawn beautiful landscapes of Biei, etc..

■ How to apply

(1)Scan the QR codes with your smartphone, or other mobiles.
The codes are placed at more than 30 tourist attractions and facilities in Biei.
And also, it is handed out in the Biei View bus.
(2)Complete the questionnaires
Complete the questionnaires displayed with scanning these QR codes.
(3)Show your answer completion screen at tourist information centers.
Go to either of tourist information centers in Biei, "Biei Tourist Information Center Shiki-no Johokan"or "Biei Roadside Station Shirogane Biruke", and show your answer completion screen.

These questionnaires are for fact-finding to improve of tourism service and development of tourism industries in Biei town. Thank you for your cooperation.

The places for the QR codes

※These QR codes are placed every these spot
※Please apply between this valid period

■ Who can apply
Anyone can complete this questionnaire.

■ Promotion period
June 1st ,2018 (Fri.) 10:00 ~  March 10th, 2019 (Sun) 23:59

■ Notice
・Please note that this campaign’s contents and prizes may be subject to change without prior notice.
・The right to win prizes is valid only for the applicant and can neither be transferred to other persons, changed in terms of content, nor converted into cash.
・Information provided in applications is sent by SSL encryption.
・The organizer, Biei Vitalization Association, is not responsible for any damage to equipment you may use to register or apply for this campaign.
・When you apply for this campaign, you are deemed to have agreed to the application guidelines.
・Applications for this campaign are accepted through personal computers, smartphones or tablets only. Please note that applications via (non-smartphone) mobile phones or postcards will not be accepted. 

■ Privacy Policy
・We will use customers’ information offered to us through the campaign website for the following purposes, and not for any other purposes unless otherwise recognized by law as exceptions. In addition, we will not offer the information to a third party without individual and specific agreement from customers.
-To implement and operate this campaign, inform applicants of their winning, and deliver prizes.
-To inform applicants of products and services offered by the Biei Vitalization Association, or related products and services announcements, advertisements, or information which we consider useful for customers, and various questionnaires and campaign-related announcements.
-To inform applicants of products and services offered by our related groups, companies or business partners, advertisements, information that these groups, companies or business partners consider useful for customers, and various questionnaires and campaign-related announcements.
-To analyze development of new services and products regarding our related groups, companies or business partners.
-To conduct market research and other research regarding the business of our related groups, companies, or business partners.
-To offer information to our related groups, companies or business partners in order to develop, conduct market research and marketing activities regarding their new products, functions, services, etc. (The information is processed so as not to reveal the identities of individuals.)
-To create statistics and carry out analyses for management of our related groups, companies or business partners.

・We will use the information obtained through questionnaires, as statistics with anonymous data, to develop and promote products as well as improve services for customers.

・We will neither disclose nor offer customers’ personal information to third parties other than business consignees without their agreement, unless disclosure is requested by laws, etc. Customers’ personal information is managed by the Biei Vitalization Association. 

Biei DMO Office
(Biei Vitalization Association)
Address: Shikino Johokan (TouristInformationCentre), 1-2-14 Motomachi,
Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido, 071-0208
Tel: (+81)166-74-5757
Fax: (+81)166-92-3234
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00

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